The Destiny

Can we change our destiny……..
Death came to a guy and said, “My friend, today is your day!”

The guy said, “But I’m not ready!”
Then death said, “Well, your name is the next on my list….”
Guy: “Okay, then why don’t you take a seat and I will get you something to eat before we go?”

Death: “All right…. “
The guy gave death some food with sleeping pills in it. Death finished eating and fell into a deep sleep…..
The guy took the list removed his name from top of the list and put it in the bottom of the list.

When death woke up, he said to the guy, “Because you have been so very nice to me, I will start from the BOTTOM of the list….”

Lesson for the day: Accept whatever is written in your destiny.
Destiny will never change, no matter how much you try….

About sathiyanarayanan1947

Resident of Chennai in India, a retired Government officer, and doing freelance writing to various tamil magazines and English newspapers regularly. Suggesting ways and means for public oriented issues.
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