Ten body tricks

10 Body Tricks You Didn’t Know You Can Do!

These 10 body tricks and ‘cheats’ will help you reduce pain, reduce discomfort, avoid headaches and burning sensations, and just ease a bunch of physical issues we need to deal with every day!
1. If your throat tickles, scratch your ear.
You can try clearing your throat, but that won’t make that tickle feeling pass. Here’s a better way of dealing with tickles in your throat: “When the nerves in the ear are activated, it creates a reflex-life reaction in the throat that can cause a muscle twitch”, says Dr. Scott Shefer, head of the ear, nose and throat ward at a New Jeresy Hospital. “These twitches ease the tickling sensation.” You heard it – Just scratch your ear!
2. Super Hearing?
If you happen to meet an old friend at a noisy place and you start chatting, it’s better to turn the right ear towards the person, as it is better at tracking active talk, according to researchers from the University of California medical school. On the other hand, if you’re trying to identify which song is playing, it’s better to use the left ear. This is because the different hemispheres of the brain are better at different things. 
3. Can sexual thoughts be used as a tool?
When you really need to pee and can’t, says Dr. Lary Lipsholtz, think about sex. Thinking about sex occupies your mind and body and will stop you from feeling the discomfort of having to pee.
4. Reduce Temporary Pain
German researches found that coughing while getting an injection diminishes the pain. According to the head researcher of this experiment, the cough caused a temporary increase of pressure inside the chest and spine, which depresses the pain conductors of the spinal cord. In other words, coughing reduces the amount of pain signals your brain gets, and so you feel less pain.
5. Clearing a stuffed nose
Put aside your pills and drops. An easier, faster and cheaper way to relieve that pressure on your sinuses, is to push the tongue against the roof of your mouth, and then flicking a finger in the area between your eyebrows. As weird as that may seem, this motion causes the bone of the nose, connected through the nasal passageways to the mouth, to rock back and forth. This movement releases the stuffing in your throat, and after about 20 seconds, you’ll feel your sinuses start to cleanse. 
6. Fighting the fire in your stomach without water
Are you worried the chicken wings you’re eating now will burn you at night? “Sleep on your left side” Says Dr. Anthony, professor of gastroenterology. Research has shown that people who sleep on their left side suffer less from acidic stomachs. The esophagus and the stomach are tied in an angle. When you lay on your right side, the stomach is higher than the esphague, which lets the acid in the stomach go up to the throat. When you lay on your left side, the stomach is lower, so gravity works for you.

7. Cure your toothache without opening your mouth
Rub ice on the back of your hand, on the area between your thumb and your index finger. Research conducted in Canada found that this technique reduces your toothache by about 50%. The neural pathway that is at the center of that V awakens an area in the brain that blocks the pain from the face.
8. Erasing burn marks
When you burn your fingers on the stove, instead of using ice – clean the skin and apply light pressure using the soft part of the fingers of the unburned hand. “The ice will elevate your pain faster,” Says Dr. Destefano, “But this natural method returns the skin that burnt to a normal temperature, so the risk of blisters is reduced.”
9. Unfreeze your brain
Did you drink something too cold, too fast, and now you feel as if your brain
 froze? You may get a headache later on, or you can take your tongue and stick it to the roof of your mouth. Since the nerves at the roof of your mouth suddenly froze, your body thinks your brain is freezing, as compensation, it overheats, which causes a strong headache. The stronger you push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, the faster the headache will pass.
10. Return your heart to normal beating
Are you trying to relax a stampeding heart? Blow on your thumb! “The errant nerve that regulates heart beat can be controlled by breathing,” Says Ben Abu, an emergecy medicine specialist. This is a way to return the heart to normal beating.

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