Chennai and Bangalore are in straight line from East to West at 13 degrees latitude. The present distance from Chennai to Bangalore by rail is 362 kms covered by a superfast train in six hours.
But, eventhough both the cities are , in a straight line, the railway track laid was straight  towards west only upto Gudiyatham (155 kms) in the Madras-Jolarpettai section of the South West Line, and then leaps towards south via, Ambur, Vaniyambadi to Jolarpetttai junction, and again leaps towards north to Bangarapet via ,Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh, and after that the track takes a straight line towards western direction upto Bangalore city. The present route from Gudiyatham to Bangarapet is circutuous nearly for 137 kms.
I am to suggest a new railway track between Gudiyatham to Bangarapet via, Pernambut, Naickaneri and Venkataharikota in Andhra Pradesh for 67 kms, is laid the distance between Chennai and Bangalore will be nearer  by 80 kms, and the total distance will be only 280 kms. The journey time will also be reduced by 80 minutes, and the valuable electrical power, diesel can also be saved to a great extent.
As there is already a State Government road from Gudiyatham to Bangarapet, there may not be any natural hurdles, and there is 100 per cent possibility of the execution of the new railway track between these two places.
Eventhough the initial expenditure will be more, in executing the above project, when compared to the benefits like the comforts, time, cost of power, fuel, the initial investment will be nothing.
A proposal was already sent to the Ministry of Railways, through the Honourable President of India, Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, esq., the  Railway minister has to accept and order for the survey of the project. The adjacent areas of the proposed track will also be much benefitted, and developed. The new proposal is meant for the people who want to go to Bangalore straight from Chennai and vice versa.


About sathiyanarayanan1947

Resident of Chennai in India, a retired Government officer, and doing freelance writing to various tamil magazines and English newspapers regularly. Suggesting ways and means for public oriented issues.
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