Traffic in Metros

         Nowadays, Chennai has become highly conggested, and as thousands of vehicles are registered in the city daily. The car/two wheeler manufacturers well developed, and the sales have been much increased due to easy loans from the Banks, and finanical institutions. No doubt this is a good development of the nation.

As auto drivers are not customer friendly, and exploit to extract heavy money, and this is also a vital reason for the people to buy vehicles, at any cost. Public does not expect luxury buses, but a transport to reach their destination in time, for want of frequency also add to its credit. But there are no roads to cater the needs of the volume of vehicles , and the available roads are not worthy of safe driving.

           To ease the traffic, Government of India, and the State Governments can think of the following:-
            1. To scrap all the 15 year old vehicles.
            2. Provide share autos in the city/suburbs.
            3. Public should be allowed to buy new vehicles if they do have a parking at their
               residential places. 
            4. Ban the parking of the cars in the sides of the streets of their residences which 
                disturbs the free flow of traffic in the streets.
            5.  A novel method of regulating the traffic is that all private vehicles with odd and 
                 even numbered plates should be permitted to ply on the roads on alternative
             The Government should think it over, and implement on experimental basis, then people will feel how the traffic is enjoyable, otherwise the traffic congestion will be come unmanageable in the course of a short time. This condition is also prevails in the places like Mumbai, Kolkatta, delhi and other state capitals.


About sathiyanarayanan1947

Resident of Chennai in India, a retired Government officer, and doing freelance writing to various tamil magazines and English newspapers regularly. Suggesting ways and means for public oriented issues.
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